Time Hour Calculators

Time Hour Calculators is a unique online product to help business owners and ordinary people to get past daily calculations with ease. Whether you own a restaurant, a law firm, software house, retail store, or even a personal brand, the calculation tools available at Time Hour Calculators will get you through your daily tasks. Also, you don’t need to have any prior knowledge, except this post, to start using Time Hour Calculators.  

Calculation Tools by Time Hour Calculators

Time Hour Calculators is a simplified platform offering 8 different calculators to solve daily life business problems. They are

  • Hours Calculator
  • Time Card Calculator
  • Bi-Weekly Calculator
  • Military Calculator
  • Time Elapsed Calculator
  • Two Shifts Calculator
  • Hours/Wage Calculator
  • Paycheck Calculator

Following is the detailed description listing everything you need to know about these 8 calculators by Time Hour Calculators.

Hours Calculator

Hours Calculator is certainly the best tool for people finding it difficult to calculate their employee hours for processing an accurate payroll. The advancement in the IT sector has led to the development of time calculators. Those days are long gone when employee monitoring was done using a register or diary.

Looking for a more reliable solution? This is where this Hours Calculator comes in handy. Hours Calculator provides quality management solutions to track records, calculate employee working hours, and then process an accurate payroll to keep both ends safe.

This does not only help the business processing unnecessary payroll bills but also help employees concentrate on the work. For instance, employees can punch in and punch out per the particular working schedule, prioritize work by making use of online schedules, and make the spreadsheet making process easier than ever. 

One can simply enter the hourly details, enter an email, and get hourly reports through email. Sounds good? 

Time Card Calculator

As a business owner or manager, it is one of your core duties to complete all official tasks per schedule while keeping track of your employee working hours. In this regard, This Time Card Calculator eases you from writing the timing details in your spreadsheet on a daily basis.

Say goodbye to those hectic timesheets because now is the right time to start using Time Card Calculator. With this time card calculators, you can easily keep records of every moment of your employees in the office. This doesn’t only lead to accurate payrolls, but also motivate the employees to work properly. It also lets them know that they’re being monitored and committed to some responsibilities.     

When every employee, as well as managers, are given a certain time to complete their tasks, tasks are completed on time and with complete dedication. Just add the time and other information in the given fields, and save it for later use.

Bi-Weekly Calculator

Bi-Weekly Calculator is one of the best ways to save huge loads of money from your payroll processing. If you can’t find enough time to keep track of your weekly earnings or monthly hours, relying on this Bi-Weekly Calculator is certainly the right choice for you.

This Bi-Weekly Calculator can help you compile an efficient spreadsheet, improve your productivity, and keep track of important meetings throughout the week. Irrespective of your skills and industry, a Bi-Weekly calculator is a one-stop shop to all scheduling needs.

Thus, now is the right time to enhance your potential interest savings and how much sooner you’ll be paid to keep pace with your expenses. Concerned about the usage of this Bi-Weekly Calculator? Well, all you have to do is enter the In and Out timings of 2 consecutive weeks and print or email the spreadsheet for later use. Sounds good?     

Military Calculator

Have you been struggling with converting ordinary time into military time? Note that the standard time used in the military is called military time as it contains two digits in each time unit irrespective of the hours, minutes, or seconds.

Why use the military calculator? Well, every country or region in this world has defined their own time metrics. Thereby, multi-national companies and large organizations find it justified enough to use a military calculator – typically called 24-hour time clock. In simple words, this military calculator lets you convert standard 12-hour clock time into 24-hour military time.    

Whether if its to add time on a resume or any other official letter, using this Military Calculator can save you a lot of time. All you have to do is enter the hours and minutes and it will automatically show the military time. You can also print or email the results to the specified email address. Sounds good?

Time Elapsed Calculator

When you want to customize your employee's schedule to certain date and time, go for this time Elapsed Calculator. For the events or work being done in less than 24 hours, you can count the elapsed time by subtracting the start time from your end time. In simple words, one can calculate the exact time duration of an event using a Time Elapsed Calculator.

Employees are certainly the foundation of success or failure of any business. If you’ve been unintentionally cutting considerate amount against the working hours of your employees, now is the right time to make a change. This is where Time Elapsed Calculator comes in handy. This Time Elapsed Calculator can be used for both professional and personal use.

Thus, instead of calculating the elapsed time manually, just enter the time durations for up to 3 records and get the total working time right away. Sounds good? This Time Elapsed Calculator lets you calculate elapsed time for the whole week.       

Two Shifts Calculator

Two Shifts Calculator or Time Card Calculator with Lunch Break Calculator lets you split the working hours and exclude the lunch break time. It works the same as a Time Card Calculator but also provides an option to enter the In & Out time two times per day.

Moreover, if you’ve no idea where your office timing goes by, this is certainly the best tool to keep track of your working hours and accomplish all professional as well as personal hours with ease. With the Tow Shifts Calculator, you can calculate your working hours against the record of your manager. Double checking yours, as well as your managers’ records, may save you a considerate revenue.

Concerned about how to use this Two Shifts Calculator? Well, just enter the In & Out time twice per day and you’ll be provided with the total working hours for the whole week. Later, you can either print the record or get it via a valid email ID.   

Hours/Wage Calculator

Whether you own a restaurant, software house, or even a retail store, you’d want to hire some employees on an hourly basis. Sometimes, its because business owners can’t afford a full-time employee and sometimes there’s just not enough workload to engage a full-time employee. In either case, it is important to keep track of the hourly salary. This is where this Hourly Salary Calculator shines.

While your hourly employees will be working hard for your company’s success, it is important that you do not compromise with their payroll accuracy. Thereby, calculating hourly based salaries with this Hour/Wage Calculator will not only save time but will also exclude human error. Sounds good?

Guess what? Using this Hours/Wage Salary is easier than most calculators by Time Hour Calculators. You just need to add total hours, minutes, name, date, and pay rate and will be provided with the total pay right away. All reports can either be printed or exported to your email ID.      

Paycheck Calculator

Paycheck Calculator is by far the best tool launched by Time Hour Calculators. Paycheck Check calculator is open for professional as well as personal use to calculate the take-home pay of an employee. In the United States, the take-home pay is considered the one you get after the deduction of all federal taxed and other legal fees i.e. Medicare and Social Security.

Note that the amount deducted from the payroll is depending on several factors including the job type, rank, allowances, filing status, income, and more. When it comes to federal tax, it may vary anywhere from 0% to 37%.

Using Paycheck Calculator to calculate an employee’s payroll is as easier as ever. Just fill in the pay type, pay, pay frequency, federal withholding info, state withholding, and additional information to calculate the take-home pay. Note that this Paycheck Calculator by Time Hour Calculators can compile paychecks both for salary and hourly based employees. Moreover, you can calculate the paycheck for weekly, Bi-weekly, semi-monthly, monthly quarterly, and annually pay frequency. Thus, making it a one-stop shop for all your paycheck calculation needs.   

Also, you don’t’ need to have prior knowledge of finance to get started with calculating your employees’ paychecks.


The combination of these 8 tools by Time Hour Calculators makes this platform a one-in-all solution to all your daily life finance problems. All these calculators can be used for both professional as well as personal use and would really come in handy anytime soon.